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If you are a minor, then you are required by California state law to obtain and hold a DMV permit for six months before you can take your driving test. Technically, any driver between the ages of 15.5 and 17.5-years-old must obtain a DMV permit before getting a license. You must also be able to show a certificate of completion for no less than six hours of behind-the-wheel training with a licensed and qualified Orange driving school. AP driving makes this process very affordable for our students.

AP Driving's permit training is done online, and the course is free. Once you've obtained your permit, you may then begin your behind-the-wheel training, which is a one-time flat rate of $290 for standard training.

AP Driving makes the experience pleasant and affordable for all. To ensure that you are getting your hard-earned money's worth, AP Driving offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our promise is to help you get your driver's license quickly, and to help you become a responsible, safe, defensive driver.

Our Driving Classes

AP Driving also offers two 10-hour behind-the-wheel driving courses that go above and beyond the driving basics. Our standard course for $290 will teach the student everything he or she needs to know to pass the driver's test. One of our 10-hour driving courses provides the same training as the standard package, but it also provides an additional four hours of freeway driving with free pick up and drop-off service.

AP Driving's most popular behind-the-wheel driving program is the VIP package. This course is the best by far as it is the most comprehensive. With the VIP behind-the-wheel training package, your instructor will pick you up on the day of your driving test and give you a pre-test refresher lesson, even if it takes you two or three times to pass your test. With the VIP package, you will also get vehicle rental, insurance, and registration for your driver's license test. And of course, all of our behind-the-wheel courses come with a certificate of completion.

More Parents Choose Our Orange Driving School

Are you the parent of a child who is trying to get their driver's license for the first time? If so, we know how you feel. You are likely proud of your child and excited for them, but at the same time, you are probably a nervous wreck about them getting behind the wheel of an automobile. It is completely natural to have these kinds of feelings. You'll be pleased to know that AP Driving is more than happy to have you ride along during your child's driving training. In fact, we encourage it.

Our driving instructors have years of experience in training teenagers and adults how to drive, and all of our driving instructors put safety first. We'll teach your child the best driving and safety techniques on the road to make them a responsible defensive driver. We want you to know that your child is in good hands with us.

We Accept Payments

At AP Driving, we understand that money is tight. That is why we offer affordable rates. If you feel that you cannot pay all of the money up front, just give us what you can, and we'll work out the details. AP Driving accepts payment plans. See, you can afford the VIP behind-the-wheel package!

Get unlimited access to latest DMV approved Driver's Ed course, and pass the DMV Permit Test here

After passing the DMV Permit Test, choose from our 4 affordable packages to start your behind-the-wheel lesson

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