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Alamo Rent A Car Costa Rica

Are you getting ready to go to Costa Rica? If you want to rent a car, contact Avanti Rent A Car. We want to make your Alamo rent a car in Costa Rica goes smoothly and economically.

Why Rent A Car?

When you are on vacation, you want to enjoy yourself. There are a lot of sights you will be unable to visit if you don't have a vehicle. Some people enjoy guided tours and are willing to let someone else plan their itinerary. If you are a person that enjoys planning their itinerary themselves, an Alamo rent a car in Costa Rica is perfect.

Do you fancy a self-drive tour? Renting a car will let you explore on your own. You can plan your road trip yourself or get help. The freedom to explore the beaches will allow you to soak up all the sun, waves, and sand you can. There are a few things to be mindful when visiting the beach in Costa Rica.



If you want to learn how to surf, you will find a willing instructor in most towns. Most of the significant tourism is located on the Pacific coast. Surfers favor Marino Ballena National Park, Pavones Sector, Boca Barranca, Esterillos, Jaco, and Hermosa. You will find a lot of options for accommodations that will fit every style and budget.

What Kind Of Car Do I Need?

Alamo rent a car in Costa Rica will help you determine what type of vehicle you need. The kind of car you will need depends on where you plan to visit and where you want to explore. Different times of the year mean different road conditions.  If you're going to visit Monteverde or the South Pacific region, you are going to need to rent a 4WD vehicle. There are a lot of roads that are not paved and can be challenging to navigate without 4WD. Plus, if your visit happens to coincide during the wet months, you will need a 4WD.

Your rental car agency will be able to make sure you have the perfect type of transportation. Make sure you have GPS. You are going to need to use GPS because in Costa Rica there are no formal addresses. Having the exact coordinates are essential. Getting lost or turned around isn't a fun experience. You want to spend your time having fun, not trying to figure what wrong turn you made.

What About Car Insurance?

There is a mandatory third party liability insurance for renting a car in Costa Rica.

Additional Insurance: The renter and authorized driver are responsible for the rental vehicle regardless of fault. 

Primary Collision Damage Wavier limits liability and clears the renter from having to file a claim to get back up front damages if paid.

Full Collision Damage Waiver frees the renter from all damages and theft except for negligence. 

Make sure you understand all of the insurance and rental policies before you rent a vehicle.

Alamo Rent A Car Costa Rica

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Alamo Rent A Car Costa Rica