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March 31, 2020 precision

Restoring Your Car’s Paint

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The paint job on a car is often what makes us fall in love with it. Unfortunately, paint jobs can be easily damaged and turn our four-wheeled best friend into an ungainly sight.

Let’s take a look at the different kinds of vehicle paint and what you need to know about minimizing the appearance of nicks, chips, and scratches.

What Are the Different Kinds of Paint?

Before you begin repairing any blemishes or discolouring on your car, it’s important to make sure that your repair will match the existing paint job. The paint stylings on cars include:

  • Solid: The most common kind of vehicle paint and the least expensive to fix, solid colours are usually a single coating of acrylic paint with a layer of clear-coat applied on top.
  • Metallic: Usually reserved for showroom floors and luxury cars, metallic colours contain small amounts of aluminum powder mixed in with the acrylic paint, reflecting more light and attracting more eyes.
  • Pearlescent: Pearlescent styles are similar to metallic because they add something extra to their formula, namely ceramic crystals. These crystals will diffuse light and launch a rainbow of colours off of your hood.
  • Matte: Looking for that solid black look that stands out in a crowd? Car owners should know that matte actually comes from clear-coat, which usually has a flattening agent mixed in for that dulled effect.

Mixing and Matching Your Paint

Now that you know what kind of paint style you are looking for, it’s time to start your repair job. Start by identifying your car’s colour code, either by checking the manufacturer’s website or on your vehicle’s service parts identification sticker.

Take this colour code to your local autobody shop to either have their experienced team handle the replacement for you or to order the paint mixture through them.

If you decide to do the paint repair yourself, be sure to mix and blend the tones in the paint as much as possible to get that shade just right. The last thing you want is to have the right colour in the wrong shade.

Paint jobs on cars have the potential to be the most expensive part of autobody work and the most troublesome to fix. Make sure your vehicle has a clear and consistent coating by calling Precision Autobody today at (306) 664-4156 or visiting our website to see how our paint professionals can make any scratches a distant memory.