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February 20, 2020 precision

Rock Chip: Fixed or Replaced?

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Rock chips on your windshield are not just an eyesore, they play an important role in your safety. Damaged windshields are best addressed immediately after the damage occurs. Whether or not the chip can be easily fixed, or the windshield needs a complete replacement, depends on a few different factors.

Why They Happen
When a small rock or object makes contact with the vehicle’s windshield, it can leave an impact, nicking the glass and creating a small blemish. Even though the chip may appear small and insignificant, it’s important to try and repair it as soon as possible. Your windshield accounts for 30% of the structural strength of your vehicle, making it a key safety factor in the event of an impact or collision.

When to Act
Dirt and debris are quite common on the road, and can easily get lodged into the new chip. Even your windshield wiper fluid can discolour the area, or the wipers themselves may push debris into the nick. Once the dirt has settled in, repair is still possible, but it will not be as smooth and clean as it could have been. Moreover, if the chip is repaired promptly, you don’t need to worry about it growing in size or cracking, forcing you to replace the entire windshield.

How it’s Done
Your windshield technician will begin the repair process by assessing the size and location of the chip. Typically, they will look for chips that are smaller than two inches in diameter and check to see if the damage has reached the backside of the windshield inside the vehicle. If the chip has gone all the way through the glass, replacement is necessary. Chips that are too close to the outer edges of the windshield are also ineligible for repair, as damage in this area compromises the integrity of the glass.

If the size is small, and the location is right, the technician will begin by thoroughly cleaning the chip. A special resin material is applied which will seal it off and dry clear after the use of a UV light.

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